Here's how long you should wait before farting in front of your partner

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Thursday, 15 February 2018, 9:51AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

It's a big predicament, you're chilling with your new bae, and suddenly you have the urge to fart. What do you do? Do you let one rip with the stench heading for the BF's nostrils, or do you uncomfortably hold it in tight until you get to the bathroom?

Mic has produced the results of a survey that will tell you at which point in the relationship it is acceptable to 'fluff' in front of your significant other. 

Mic asked 125 people in their 20’s and 30’s when it’s okay to openly fart in front of them, and below are the results: 

When Is It Okay To Fart In A Relationship? Survey Answers Age Old Question image
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The survey is working alongside a study which revealed that people start saying ‘I love you’ at the five-month mark in a relationship, which funnily enough is the at the same time that most start farting.

So that would lead us to believe that farting = love...

To give you another gauge for how long you should wait, we asked some of the ZM team how long they waited:

Megan: She has been with Toyboy for 5 years and they have NEVER farted in front of each other!?!

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Bree: 3 months

Intern Ellie: From the get-go

Vaughan: Within days - however, he married a lady, as Sharde has never farted in front of him to this day. 

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Bel: Accidentally within the first few weeks

So what's our advice? Better out than in we reckon!