Harry Daniels is the KING of serenading A-list celebs!!!

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Monday, 18 March 2024, 4:04PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

If you want to see a celebrity be caught off guard - Harry Daniels is the one to do it!!

The king for serenading singers with their own songs in the most confident yet uncomfortable way, content creator Harry Daniels has sung to almost everybody at this point. Pink Pantheress, Addison Rae, James Charles, Ellie Goulding, Tyla and Doja Cat to name a fewπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Harry doesn't just perform to singers on the street, he will sing to anybody who is anybody. Singing Murder on the Dancefloor to Jacob Elordi, an original Barbie and Monster High song to Greta Gerwig and even the Family Guy theme song to Paris Hilton.

What makes these videos top-tier is how Harry isn't actually a singer, but sings cursive versions of the songs WITH HIS CHEST πŸ‘πŸ‘

@harry.daniels this was suuchhh a treat for me cuz halcyon days and delirium are two of my favorite albums of all time yall 😭😭😭 #elliegoulding ♬ original sound - harry daniels

Some people speculate that Harry Daniels is an industry plant with managers and talent scouts sending him to meet celebrities for strategic marketing. Harry has over 800K followers and 81M likes across all of his videos, hence the speculation that some of these celebrities run ins must be orchestrated.

@quuiincy no one can convince me he just simply stands at hotspots and waits for a celeb to show up… #harrydaniels #celebrity #tiktokstars #socialmedia ♬ original sound - QUINCY

Being a PR stunt could be one thing, but another probable explanation is that Harry could be running into these celebrities because of his own research or following. Harry may be getting tipped off by fans about celebrities' whereabouts. With his following only growing, more people could want to see his interactions with celebs, so he may have external help telling him where to be and when.

Harry could also be in-the-know with the paparazzi's whereabouts of celebrities and/or be using user-generated apps like 'Star Spotter' or 'Celebrity Spotter' to follow reports on celebrity sightings.

Harry usually starts the interactions with the celebrities asking "Can I sing for you" yet his platform is growing so much some artists ask him to sing for them first! 🀯😱

Even Billie Eilish recognised him. IMAGINE 😡

@harry.daniels been a fan since i was 13 sneaking into venues to see her yall can go to my instagram and see all our history i was talking about πŸ’™ #billieeilish ♬ original sound - harry daniels

Harry has even sung the Josh Hutchison 'Whistle meme' to non-other than Josh Hutchinson himself πŸ’€

@harry.daniels i feel like this was like the only way i could follow up the gypsy rose video 😭😭😭 #joshhutcherson #fivenightsatfreddy ♬ original sound - harry daniels

Comments saying, "how does one just walk past josh hutcherson" and "YOU FOUND THE JACKPOT" highlight how Harry really is living everyone's dream. Josh looks particular awkies in the video as he cheers Harry on with soo much uncertainty.

Everyone is CACKLING at how Harry so casually bumps into celebrities and instead of fan girling over them, he does all he can to make them feel awkward with his singing voice and the choices of songs.

Keep the content coming Harry!! We are all living vicariously through you in all your A-lister serenading performances πŸ™Œ

Β Play ZM, for the original versions of Harry Daniels coversπŸ”₯

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