GET OUT ME SWAMP! Shrek 5 to be released 2026 with the original cast locked in!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 10 July 2024, 2:49PM

We’re OGRE the moon.. Shrek 5 is officially in the works with a far, far away release date 1 July 2026 (721 days to be exact).

The full throwback cast including Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz are all locked in for the return.  

If you were a kiddo when the Shrek series was first released, then it’s probably time for a night cream since the fourth film in the franchise was released in 2010 – Dreamworks has kept us waiting for over 14 years!  

Eddie Murphy let the cat out the bag in an interview with Collider, dropping “We started doing Shrek four or five months ago” 

We’re dying to know if Donkey & Dragon are still happily in love or if Shrek has peeled back all his layers in the long, LONG awaited fifth installment of the series.  

That'll do donkey 

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