Georgia's Top 10 board games to play in lock down!

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Thursday, 9 April 2020, 10:58AM

Hey Beautiful's,

There's many things we can do to keep entertained and social whilst in lockdown, and my personal favourite is of course boardgames. Some of the below you can play with more than 4, only 2 (for those spending quality couple time) and even solo.


10. Monopoly

I've put this on the list because it's an all time classic! But.. it does come in at #10 as it's known to cause arguments (and that is not ideal at this time haha). Monopoly also lasts a long time, so can make a day fly by if you have the will power. Can be played with 2 or more.


9. Jenga

Who doesn't love an easy to play, competitive game of Jenga? Such a good game for teams, one on one and even solo. The only annoying/hard part is stacking it back up when you lose. I now own a Monopoly Edition which is also fun, as each block has either a house or Chance, etc on it. Also, an easy game to make if you have wood lying around.

8. Cluedo

Good old Cluedo has been one of my faves for years. For those who enjoy a 'who done it' - this is PERFECT for you. Who did it? What did they use? and Where was it? Simply figure that out and you're a master detective. Can be played with 2 or more.


7. Bananagrams

Similar to Scrabble, but with more interaction. This game is for the quick thinking sorts, who enjoy any game where they can show off their personal dictionary. I actually have the Party Edition which includes different challenges and obstacles throughout, making it more interactive. Bananagrams can be played with 2 or more.


6. Dixit

I was sent this game from the UK and have since seen you can get it in NZ. It's for the creative and imaginative types, and awesome to get to know your family/friends way of thinking. Dixit involves different pictures that somehow have something in common - there's a leader each round and their job is to choose a picture from their hand and say a word to describe it. The rest of the players then have to find a picture in their hand that could relate to that word, and each person votes for which card they think is the leaders. There's a bit of trickery involved. Can be played with 3 or more.

5. Sequence

One of the few games that involves playing cards and a board. Basically you need to match the playing cards in your hand to the ones on the board - sounds difficult when you first play, but easy to get the hang of and makes for a competitive game. Can be played with 2 or more and in teams.


4. Cards Against Humanity

Of course this game isn't for the faint hearted... it's racy and very non PC! I don't think I need to go into this game too much, but maybe only play this with family/friends who won't take it seriously. It's a card game where each person is trying to be the funniest (which I am not very good at). Can be played with 3, but best with 4 or more.


3. Codenames

Only recently got into this game but HIGHLY recommend. Codenames takes skill, and a good team. There are two teams (Blue and Red). Two teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents (Blue or Red) first. Spymasters (describers) give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board in their colour. Their teammates try to guess words of the right colour while avoiding the other teams words, and the Assassin (this card finishes the game). It's a fun one to make a marathon of and get to know how the people you're in lockdown with think. Can be played with 4 or more (tried to play with just my partner and I... wasn't so fun)

2. Monopoly Deal

Have seen that this is causing many an argument with people in lockdown already, because it's SUCH a competitive game. For me, that's the best part! If you love Monopoly, but don't want to waste your whole day playing, this is your quick and fun compromise. Basically, the first to collect 3 full sets of houses, wins. Can be played with 2 or more.


1. Articulate

My favourite game! Helps show off your general knowledge (or lack of if you're me) but doing it in a way that your teammate would understand and with speed. Essentially, how quickly can you describe a word without actually saying it? It's good to really know your teammates for this, as that will help in describing each word. Can be played with 4 or more.

These are just 10 or my favourite board games, there are a heck of a lot more and I'm still yet to play some.

One thing that I have done whilst in lockdown is play some of these via Facetime, with my friends in different houses - Articulate was easy to do, and so was Cards Against Humanity.

If you don't happen to have any of these games, a good old fashioned pack of playing cards is also a great time.

Hope you're looking after yourself and having fun!

Georgia xx

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