Georgia Burt talks about her struggles with acne growing up and shares valuable tips on what could help

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Wednesday, 14 April 2021, 3:35PM

ZM Days' announcer Georgia Burt has opened up on air about her acne struggles, and with the help of a few listeners has managed to get some tips for others in the same boat. 

Talking about having to cover a pimple with a plaster when she was younger (it wasn't fooling anyone) Georgia goes on to talk about the expensive remedies her parents had bought.

Since opening up the text line, a few awesome suggestions and stories have come through, so we've noted them down so anyone who needs them can take a look!

  • Solarcare B3 Cream
  • Atopis Cream (NZ Made)
  • Bees Wax (melt down and add 10 drops of tea tree oil and arnica oil)
  • Niacinamide Serum
  • Exposed Skincare acne treatment

Thanks to those that sent Georgia a text too, some of these messages are below. 

"I had acne from the age of 12-20. Tried all types of acne medication nothing worked. Tried mums Clarins anti ageing double serum and all my acne went plus it got rid of all my scaring. If I don't use it or run out for a couple days I break out immediately"
"Hey! So I struggle with acne as well, it got really bad after high school and it has been one of my biggest battles in life in terms of confidence and self-esteem and yeah just in general life.. It bloody sucks aye! I feel you!! But I've got it to a point where it's manageable - never perfect but that's okay, that's an unrealistic standard to put on yourself!! I have found a skincare routine that works for me (I went to the dermatologist, that helped a lot) and vitamins!!! I take vitamin C and vitamin B5, I feel like that has helped keep my acne at bay a wee bit more. But yeah you're not alone dw, last year it got so bad I couldn't leave my room because I hated myself and my acne so much! Just got to remember to practise self-love too!!! ❤️"
"I've struggled with acne since I was 20. At 41 i have finally got rid of it after taking a prebiotic called Gut Food from grasses of life."

You can listen to Georgia's chat in full by clicking on the pic above, and if you have any other advice please send it through! 

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