Five reasons why virtual dating is the best!

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020, 9:00AM

Just because the world is in a bit of a funny place at the moment – doesn’t mean we should put our love lives on hold.

Dating app Bumble has come to the rescue and released a bundle of customised features to help improve how we can connect with each other during a time where are have to social distance.

Next time you’ve got a match you’re ready to meet – try out their new video chat feature!

We’ve put together the top 5 reasons why virtual dating on Bumble is the BEST.

1. Only worry about half your outfit

No need to worry about what you’re wearing on your bottom half - you can look hot on the top, and comfy on the bottom with trackies & slippers and they’ll NEVER know.

2. You can research as you go

Want to impress your date? Do a quick google research about a topic they’re passionate about while you’re chatting.

Him: I really love the solar system
Me: **Frantically searching fun facts about planets**

3. You can get an insight into their space

Piled up washing in the corner of their room a turn off? You can see their house and make a call on what they may be really like!

4. Conversations are more meaningful

With Bumble video chat, you can really get to know someone - without distraction!


5. You can escape easy if you're not feeling it

Not getting the sparks you thought you would? “GTG soz, my internet keeps cutting out!”

6. Bumbles in app video feature makes it super easy, so there’s no setting up Zoom!

How can you try it?! In your Bumble app, check out the “Virtual Dating” badge that will appear in users’ profiles who are open to date via video chat.


Give Bumble a try – download the app here.

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