First Dates now has a board game so you can realllllly get to know your date

Publish Date
Friday, 13 December 2019, 12:31PM

In need of an ice breaker on your next first date, or just want to ask your current partner some wild questions?

This is for you...

First Dates has a board game, and it sounds like a game EVERY house needs.

“Ever been on a cripplingly awkward first date and vowed to swear off dating forever? Those of you lucky enough to be shaking your head I’m afraid to say that things are about to change.” The game’s description reads.

First Dates is a game sure to send a shudder of embarrassment down your spine and leave you clutching onto single life or your current partner forever!”

The game offers up three courses of awkward questions, which is certain to make sure you never look at your mates in the same way again.

You can get the game here, for just $27!

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