Find out here if you're fit enough for your age

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Friday, 22 June 2018, 8:16AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

If you were given the choice between pizza and doing some exercising, most people would slam that pizza back without any second thought about it #winterhibernation. 

BUT if you want to look and, more importantly, feel your best then you need to fit some fitness into your day.

How do you know that you're doing enough though?

Well, we have a wee 'guide' that will help you figure out if your fitness levels are up to scratch for your age. 

Fitness expert Tim Wright spoke with The Telegraph and gave his checklist for what exercises each generation should be able to do, to be deemed ‘fit’.

So here are the exercises you should be able to do if you’re fit enough for your age:

In your 20s

- Run 5km in 30 minutes
- Do 20 burpees (in a row)
- Hold a FULL plank for one minute straight

In your 30s

- Run 2km in less than 12 minutes
- Hold a plank for 45 seconds
- Dead lift more than 50 per cent of your body weight

In your 40s

- Sprint for 60 seconds without stopping
- Do 10 push-ups without stopping
- Touch your toes comfortably with straight legs

Soooo, did you pass the 'test'?