Facebook will soon alert users when messages are screenshotted!

Publish Date
Thursday, 3 February 2022, 10:18AM

This could change things... 

In a change coming to Facebook in the next few months, similar to apps like Snapchat, users will be getting alerts if their messages are screenshotted in the "disappearing messages" mode.

Let's face it, screenshots can be a blessing and a curse. We utilise them to capture hilarious moments, to remember dates and places, and to even keep others in the loop of arguments and garner support. However, there are some who use them to save personal things about others without their permission.

With that in mind, our mate Marky-Z has added a safety feature to alert users. 

Zucks showed an example of the feature in a conversation with his wife Priscilla Chan last week. 

Although as mentioned, the safety update will be mainly for those who use the "disappearing message" feature on Facebook, and there doesn't seem to be any plans to include the feature in ordinary FB Messenger. 

But alas, make sure we stay safe out there, team! 

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