Ex-McDonald’s employee reveals why he would never order the Filet-O-Fish

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Thursday, 2 November 2017, 3:44PM
Photo: Instagram/mcdonaldsitalia

Photo: Instagram/mcdonaldsitalia

We're pretty lucky here in New Zealand. 

We get horror stories coming out from overseas (let's be honest, mainly the US) of the dirty truths behind fast food chains, that 99% of the time don't apply to New Zealand's chains. 

Another one of those stories have been doing the rounds on the internet and it's putting Filet-O-Fish in a bad light.

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If you're someone that actually chooses to eat the fish burger (seriously why would you though - YUCK!), then you may want to keep an ex-Mcdonald's employees advice in mind. 

According to a Reddit post in which users came forth to reveal which restaurant chain’s food they should avoid ordering and why, the Filet-O-Fish is a big no-no unless it’s been freshly cooked.

User Exiled-Biblu explained that when it comes to McDonald’s, you should be prepared to wait around for the fish-filled burger.

They wrote: ‘At McDonald’s just say you want a fish filet cooked to order. It will take ~5 more minutes but worth it compared to the filet that has been in the heated cabinet for hours.’

Another user backed the comment up, saying: ‘I came here to say this. Seriously. It’s been 3 years since I worked there but I can promise you that filet of fish is not fresh by any stretch of the imagination.’

Luckily at the New Zealand McDonald's chains, all their items are made fresh-to-order, so your Filet-O-Fish should be safe!