Everyone's fave train enthusiast Francis Bourgeois seems to like raves too!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 17 November 2021, 1:58PM

Francis Bourgeois is what the world needs rn!

The name may not ring a bell, but you'll definitely know the face. Francis Bourgeois is quite possibly the biggest train aficionado on the planet but, he appears to love more than just trains.

The social media sensation was spotted out on the Manchester club scene in the UK, and luckily he had his dancing shoes on.

Francis has often said he loves music because ‘electronic music, with industrial sounds similar to big diesel engines and clickety clackity of the rails!’

In true Francis fashion, he donned the head-mounted camera and documented his night out on the town! 

Fletch, Vaughan & Megan were lucky enough to have a talk to Francis last month for an old fashioned chin wag about trains and other wholesome stuff. Listen below!

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