Doja Cat slid into Stranger Things Noah Schnapp's DMs asking to be set up with his co-star Joseph Quinn

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Friday, 8 July 2022, 11:58AM

Noah exposing Doja Cat like this was not on my 2022 bingo card.

Noah Schnapp can now add Doja Cat's wingman to his resume. The epic conclusion Stranger Things Volume 2 dropped last week and our love for Eddie Munson went into overdrive.

Exposing their DMs in a new TikTok, the Stranger Things actor who plays Will Byers let everyone know that Doja is thirsting over his co-star Joseph Quinn along with the rest of us. 

Apparently we have to wait until 2024 for Stranger Things Season 5 and idk if I can wait that long

She wrote, "Noah can you tell Joseph to hmu?" Quickly followed by, "Wait no. Does he have a girlfriend?" Noah responded with, "LMAOO slide into his DMs," to which Doja replied, "I don't know his Instagram or his Twitter. He doesn't have a DM to slide in."

Matchmaker Noah then sent over Joseph's Insty profile, and after some cheeky research, we can confirm she has hit that follow button.

Season 4's Eddie Munson quickly became a fan fave with his loveable charm, wit and iconic season finale guitar solo. No doubt his DMs have blown up since the record-breaking Netflix show, but now we all have miss Doja to contend with. 

This is a ship we will be the captain of!

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