Disney's trailer for Soul is super wholesome

Publish Date
Friday, 8 November 2019, 12:36PM


Soul is the saddest, yet sweetest film we have heard about for a while- and it's about death.

The film will follow Joe (Jamie Foxx), a middle school band teacher who dreams of playing jazz music in a New York club. Tina Fey will also join the cast, with her character still a secret.

The teaser clip doesn't give away too much about the full storyline, but it does show that Joe will find himself at a "You Seminar"- as his soul. It's also told that the storyline will explore death in a way that will make the audience reflect, and inspire to become the best person they can be!

We already know we're gonna be crying in the cinema- you bring the tissues, we'll get the ice cream.

Soul is set to be released sometime next year and we can't wait!