Coca Cola has released a new type of Fanta that is jelly...?!

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Thursday, 1 February 2018, 11:16AM
Photo: Coca Cola

Photo: Coca Cola

Prepare for your senses to be confused as you sip back on a new type of Fanta that has the consistency of jelly... huh?

Introducing Fanta Jelly Fizz, that comes in orange and raspberry flavours. 

To enjoy the new 'jelly' part of the Fanta, you first have to shake your drink 10 times. This releases a "jelly fizziness".

“It’s like a delicious, liquid jelly – a soft drink blended with juicy liquid jelly pieces. You can’t really explain it to someone, they have to try it for themselves,” says Fanta Brand Manager Gina.

Surprisingly, this odd drink concept isn't new, with original Jelly Fizz concept being launched in Japan and Hong Kong about five years ago (known as Furu Furu Shaker).

The local Coca-Cola team felt they could replicate its incredible popularity here in New Zealand.

If you're still a bit confused you can see the consistency of the drink in this YouTube clip: