Chocolate Bueno ice creams are EXACTLY what dreams are made of

Publish Date
Tuesday, 8 October 2019, 1:09PM

Bueno bars are an iconic staple in the chocolate aisle, and now, they're taking over the freezer section too.

We now live in a world where Bueno ice creams exist and you will die when you read the description:

"Kinder Bueno Ice Cream Cones are made with creamy hazelnut ice cream. On top is a tasty hazelnut disk made from carefully selected and roasted hazelnuts and topped with chocolate pieces. Inside the cone there is a delicious a filling of milk chocolate sauce."


Oh and the best part? You don't have to worry about that summer diet because they're only 206 calories!

At this stage, the ice creams are sold over in Europe, but if they do well enough they'll expand internationally!

While we're not sure if they will hit NZ supermarkets, we're honestly prepared to fly to Europe just to eat one, that's how good they look!

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