Caramilk Philadelphia exsists so you can eat it with EVERYTHING

Publish Date
Thursday, 3 October 2019, 11:23AM

If you're a chocolate fan or a Caramilk addict, things just got a whole lot better for you.

Yup- Philadelphia have released a brand new cream cheese flavour- CARAMILK!

At first, we were a little confused... but then we thought of all the ways we could use it and we're in love.

You could; dip biscuits into it, ice cupcakes with it, or use it in a Caramilk cheesecake- the list is endless!

At the moment, the product is only in Australia... so it seems that we'll be taking a trip to Aus REAL QUICK.

Cadbury's Caramilk chocolate blocks are still available in stores across NZ, so stock up before it runs out!