Caramilk have turned our favourite chocolate into an ice cream!

Publish Date
Thursday, 5 May 2022, 11:20AM

Caramilk lovers where you at?! Oh that's gotta be everyone right?!

Your fave chocolate now comes in ice-cream form!

Made with a thick coating of real Caramilk caramelised white chocolate and a smooth vanilla dairy dessert centre, this is everything we've ever needed in an ice-cream. 

The single sticks will be hitting your local dairies, petrol stations and convenience stores from Monday 9th May for $4.00.

While multipacks (four single sticks) will arrive in all supermarkets from Monday 30th May for $9.49.

Mondelēz Licensing and Cobranding Manager Joanne Raven said, "After huge demand from all corners of the country, we are thrilled to confirm that Kiwis can now enjoy New Zealand's original caramelised white chocolate in frozen dairy dessert form."

The news comes shortly after Caramilk Mousse cake was announced.

Sara Lee and Cadbury teamed up once more, for a one-of-a-kind cake featuring a delicious Caramilk Mousse layer, topped with a decadent Caramilk sauce, sprinkled with Caramilk Flake chocolate, all on a scrumptious biscuit base.

If you see me devouring an entire mousse cake and four Caramilk ice-blocks then yes you did.

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