Cam's Review: The Weeknd After Hours til Dawn concert in Santiago, Chile

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Thursday, 19 October 2023, 3:37PM

The Weeknd lit up the stage in Santiago, Chile, on Sunday for a spectacular night of hit after hit.

It was one of the most impressive live performances I have seen, and with the big and bold nature of the show, surely there can’t be a bad seat in the house, which is great news for everyone heading along to his New Zealand shows in December.

Before we even talk about the songs, I have to say that the production for this show is out of this world.

From the skyline backdrop to the giant inflatable moon, no expense or creativity has been spared in this colossal production. There were laser lights, spotlights, a giant robot statue, flames galore … let’s just say there wasn’t a dull moment.

The pyrotechnics were so epic that you could feel the heat from the flames even from up in the stands. The light-up wrist bands really got the crowd jazzed to be at the show. The Weeknd’s band were placed on top of the buildings, and his drummer was killing it.

This all adds up to a mesmerising fantasy world being brought to life on stage.

This was my first time in Chile, and the Chilean fans were next-level excited for the gig (as was I). After a couple of years with no large-scale shows, it’s clear the fans are happy to be back in a stadium-sized show of this scale.

The Weeknd got down with the crowd and even shared his microphone for Out Of Time. The fans were losing their minds. There were tears, hugs and some of the pitchiest fan singing I think I have ever heard but it was magical.

The crowd’s favourites were the big singalongs. In Your Eyes was a personal favourite. Doja Cat wasn’t there to perform but the saxophone solo was incredible. The show went for two-and-a-half hours non-stop - he barely paused to take a breath. Five songs into the show I was thinking to myself: “He’s already played all the bangers, what is he going to perform for the rest of the show?” but he continued with hit after hit after hit. I now realise just how many huge songs The Weeknd has.

I was really impressed with his vocals. None of these songs are easy to sing but even after performing for more than two hours he still sounded fantastic and hit every note.

What was surprising during this big, loud and, at times, over-the-top show, was that there were still intimate moments. The pace of the night slowed down for Earned It and Call Out My Name.

There were 36,000 people in attendance at Estadio Bicentenario De La Florida. Each and every one of them made themselves heard. This was one of the loudest crowds I’ve ever been a part of. The fans were right there with The Weeknd for those more low-key moments too. The Chilean people are so passionate, it’s really beautiful to see. There was barely a dry eye in the crowd by the end of the show - I love these live music moments.

It was interesting to see the mix of people at the show. There really was every age group represented, from small children on their parents’ shoulders to the girl a few rows behind me who had brought her grandma to the show. No surprise, really - it’s not just the music that his fans love, it’s the often-bizarre music videos The Weeknd releases, his controversial leading role in TV show The Idol and even his dating history.

The Weeknd played for over two hours and didn’t slow down at any point. If you want a massive night out, I highly recommend trying to catch his shows at Eden Park in December. I am definitely hitting up this show for round two. Eden Park may not serve up popcorn like they did at his Chile performance, but you’d best believe I want to experience this show all over again.

He has hinted this may be his last tour as The Weeknd. You might have noticed back in May that he changed all his social media handles to his actual name, Abel Tesfaye. I imagine the music won’t be too different, but this will probably be your last chance to see The Weeknd live.

Tickets for The Weeknd are on sale now from


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