Cadbury just released a Pinky block to raise money for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

Publish Date
Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 11:35AM

The Pinky Bar just got an upgrade- and we are FULLY on board!

The Kiwi classic choccy bar is now in a block for the best reason.

Cadbury has created a new, special-edition CADBURY DAIRY MILK inspired by PINKY block in collaboration with Breast Cancer Foundation NZ to raise awareness for the charity.

And it sounds DELICIOUS.

The block features delicious pieces of pink marshmallow and chewy caramel chips, and we're immediately sold.

It also gets better- with Carbury donating NZD$80,000 to assist in growing the organisation’s education and support programmes.

The aim is to encourage Kiwis to think pink with a delicious treat, get involved with the BCFNZ Pink Ribbon street appeal and organise a team to take part in the Pink Ribbon Walks in Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown and Wellington.

How good??

The special-edition CADBURY DAIRY MILK PINKY block from today which will be available for a limited time in supermarkets and dairies nationwide!