Cadbury Favourites in order from worst to best

Publish Date
Thursday, 12 December 2019, 2:17PM

Everyone has their favourite Favourite, but in typical Christmas tradition, we're here to tell you that your views are probably wrong. Bon Appetite. 

#10 Cherry Ripe

Dark Chocolate, yum! Cherry, yes please. Coconut, why not? So if all of these ingredients taste good individually, how the hell have they turned into an absolute monstrosity called the Cherry Ripe. BECAUSE TEXTURE IS EVERYTHING. Ew. 

#9 Dream 

White Chocolate is not chocolate, so it shouldn't even be in the box or this list. We're putting it second to last because it's still not as trash as the former mentioned. 

#7 Flake 

Flakes were not made to be eaten straight, chuck her on the top of the pav or trifle - but on it's own? Flakey is not a texture we should associate with food outside of fish and pastry. 

#8 Crunchie

The stuff you made in science class back in school coated in chocolate and a shiny wrapper. Overrated. 

#6 Turkish Delight

Coming in at a controversial number 6, Turkish Delight is actually pretty lit. It's like jelly tip minus the ice-cream. Good texture, good flavor, and the all important chocolate coating. If you hate these - grow up. 

#5 Dairy Milk

Right in the middle of the pack, Dairy milk is nice, but it's missing the complexity in texture and flavors required to be a top tier favourite. 

#4 Picnic

Crispy wafer, nuts and caramel coated in chocolate - there's nothing not to love.  

#3 Boost

Otherwise known as a Moro Gold, the biscuity crunch, moussy filling and outer coating makes for a textural party in your mouth. 

#2 Moro

Moro's are just straight up classic. Not too chewy and just a little bit indulgent. 

#1 Caramello

One of the best flavor combos, Caramel and Chocolate will always be a winner. Simple, Sophisticated, Delicious.

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