Burger King have just launched a plant-based burger!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 11 February 2020, 10:04AM

BK has upgraded its plant-based game, with the arrival of an overseas fave.

Burger King has always offered their Salad Burger for veggos, but now they've taken a step toward meat alternatives with the Rebel Whopper burger!

Rebel Whopper® features a plant-based patty, flame-grilled just like the classic Whopper®, made from soy protein by the company V2.

It's also loaded with crisp fresh lettuce, ripe hand-cut tomatoes, onion, pickles, mayo and tomato sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun just like your typical burger.

Just like other brands Veggie burgers, this one is also cooked on the same grill as meat, which technically makes it not suitable for vegetarians or vegans...

Now you can be sure you'll be able to eat something at BK on a night out!

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