Britney's Bombshell Tell-All Memoir Delayed by 'Nervous A-Listers'

Publish Date
Wednesday, 10 May 2023, 4:38PM

Britney Spears has been working on a tell-all memoir that's now seen a major delay as A-Listers take precautionary action.

The 15 million book deal promises to go into detail about the icon's publicised and scrutinised moments. "Britney’s book is brutally honest and from the heart. No stone is left unturned. Its' truly a female empowerment story – her taking control of her life," an insider said.

Buuuuut the book has been put on hold due to fellow stars who are concerned about its content,  their lawyers have reportedly taken precautionary action. The insider added "there’s a fair amount of throwing people under the bus, talking about past relationships, some of whom will be revealed for the first time ever."

"Britney lived her life in the public eye but there are relationships and people she had encounters with who she managed to keep under the radar, including some massive film star names and people from the music world. She has wanted to go all out with this book and tell her truth, and that’s what has people worried.”

Britney's $15 million book deal is one of the biggest in history, followed by Barack and Michelle Obama's... stay tuned for this one besties!

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