Be careful with what you screenshot on Instagram... this is how you can be caught out

Publish Date
Monday, 12 June 2017, 4:37PM

Online stalking is just the norm these days.

Your mate wants to find out who that pretty chick is in that photo with the guy she's messaging on Tinder?

No worries, give it a min and you've found out that girl in question is actually the crush in questions cousin's best friend who he met at the cousins wedding in 2015. 

It's just so easy to slyly creep online these days, but creepers beware as you may be able to be caught out with Instagram's latest feature. 

Instagram now has a similar function to Snapchat with their stories, where it shows who has opened a sent picture and if that someone has taken a screenshot.

From what we can see, this doesn't yet apply to the standard posts, just the 'stories' function on Instagram. 

You've been warned though, now back to your sly stalking you go...