Bad news: You've been eating hot chips all wrong...

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018, 3:55PM

We all love a good hot chip- whether it's a Maccas fry at 2 am or a bag of the salty things from the local fish and chip shop, but are we actually eating them the right way?

A Harvard University academic and nutrition scientist Professor Eric Rimm has claimed that fries are so bad for us that we should consume no more than six at any one time to avoid the nasty health consequences associated with eating too much!

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The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2017, which found participants who consumed fried potato — such as fries, potato chips or hash browns — more than two or three times each week, doubled their risk of an early death in an eight-year period.

Thankfully, this does not apply to potatoes consumed whole, mashed or boiled, just our beloved deep-fried varieties.

Researchers explained this finding by attributing the types of fat typically used to make fried potatoes to heart disease risk factors and pro-inflammatory processes in the body; nicknaming them starch bombs.

That doesn't sound good...

The recommended serve of fries is just 15 individual chips, and yet the average serving size we usually get is at least 55 fries!

Yikes, doesn't sound good- but we'll probably keep eating them anyway, right?