Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo to star in Universal's big screen adaptation of 'Wicked'

Publish Date
Friday, 5 November 2021, 4:31PM

We simply cannot get enough of Ariana! 

So luckily for us fans, the pop icon has been cast as the lead role in the cinematic adaptation of the famous Broadway musical, "Wicked". How wicked is that!

Variety has reported The project will be headed up by "In The Heights" director Jon M. Chu, and starring alongside Grande will be Oscar award-winning actress Cynthia Erivo. 

The two shared their mega news via Instagram earlier today. Ariana even sent Cynthia a bouquet of flowers (pink and green ones to be exact, the iconic colours of their respective characters). 

“Dear Cynthia, honored doesn’t even begin to cover it. I cannot wait to hug you. See you in Oz,” Grande wrote in a message to Erivo.

A prequel to “The Wizard of Oz,” "Wicked" tells the story of everything leading up to Dorothy’s arrival in Oz.

There has been no news on an arrival time for the new film, but we're expecting filming to begin in the new year. In the meantime, check out Ariana singing a key song from the film, 'The Wizard and I'. 

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