Apple Reveals How Long iPhones Are Meant To Last

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Sunday, 17 April 2016, 2:18PM
Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

After spending hundreds, and sometimes over a grand for a phone, you would probably be not to happy if it conks out after three years, but that is actually how long an iPhone is made to last. 

On its website, Apple has admitted that it expects their mobile devices to last only 36 months.

Not just the iPhones either, but also the watches and iPads are assumed to last around the same time. Mac computers can last just one extra year, before fizzing out after four years of use.  

It seems that many aren't too happy about this information, Kyle Wiens, who founded the tech repair firm iFixit, is one of them, as he told the Daily Mail: "The majority of the environmental impact of electronic devices is during manufacturing. Apple's claim that we should only use a computer for four years is preposterous and wasteful.

"Also, I'd note that the Apple watch won't last three years without a battery swap, as it lasts 400 charge cycles, or around two years of daily use."