Apparently burgers are a better for you than superfood salads

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Friday, 10 March 2017, 2:51PM

Praise the food lords! Kale can officially get fudged because according to nutritionists, a healthy burger could contain less calories than a salad containing superfoods like kale, halloumi, nuts or seeds and a dressing. 


If you're trying to slim down, you'll probably opt for a salad over a burger, but most superfood bowls actually contain extra calories in order to add flavour. Bring on the Big Macs! No? Okay well there are some rules to remember when opting for a burger.  

The average superfood salad including kale, quinoa, chicken and feta/halloumi contains approximately 820 calories, whereas a healthy burger including lean meat, lettuce, cheese and sauce, has about 740 calories. 

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There are obviously exceptions to these claims, but at there are wild misconceptions about the difference in calories between burgers and salads.

Don't be afraid of carbs. If you want bread, opt for high fibre grain or brown bread, it has less sugar. Kumera is an excellent swap out for potatoes, and Quinoa or brown rice will be better than white. 

If you do have a burger and are watching your weight, choose a side salad instead of fries, and water or milk instead of soda.

Salads can obviously be super good for you, but extras like dressings, nuts/seeds and salty cheeses will boost the calorie count.