Americans don't use this common kitchen appliance and we're horrified

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Thursday, 16 March 2017, 11:36AM

New Zealanders are definitely a fan of coffee. And tea for that matter. We looooove a hot beverage. 

But there's a fact that has blown our minds. Apparently there's a fair percentage of Americans who don't know what an electric kettle is. Yeah, we thought it was a joke too, until we looked into it more and nope, it's not a thing.  

And people are utterly horrified at this fact. 

One Aussie writer even said that the electric kettle is a more "commonplace feature in the Australian home than the fridge".

It went downhill from there. People started discovering that there's a population of Americans who actually microwave their water. 

People can't believe that they've resorted to boiling the water like a bunch of savages.

Some users think they could use their liberal gun laws to satisfy the need for tea.

Someone offered up a dose of sanity, however, explaining why electric kettles haven't really taken off in the US like other parts of the world.

It's because most US homes' electricity are hardwired to deploy 120-volts of power to its outlets as opposed to countries like Australia's 240-volts. Other places get more power with their outlets so their kettles boil water faster. 

We're not quite sure we can carry on our lives in the same way after learning this...

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