All the new emojis set to be released this year including a PLAIN pink heart!

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Friday, 15 July 2022, 10:54AM

Because there aren't enough emojis already obvs!

Emojipedia have dropped the final list of all of the new emojis rolling out later this year and finally we are getting a PLAIN pink heart. 

From a shaking head and a moose, to angel wings and ginger, there's certainly a newbie that will take your DMs to the next level. 

Twitter users are also excited about the introduction of the cyan and plain pink heart, so they can now create pan, trans and bi colourways. 

The announcement comes ahead of #WorldEmojiDay on July 17th, with Emoji 15.0 scheduled for final release in September and rolling out to iOS and Android users in late 2022 or 2023.

New data from Meta has revealed NZ's fave emojis and how they're being used in Aotearoa. Check out the list below:


Popular emojis by gender on FB in NZ


  • Face with Tears of Joy 😂
  • Rolling on the Floor Laughing 🤣
  • Folded Hands 🙏


  • Red Heart ❤️
  • Face with Tears of Joy 😂
  • Smiling Face with Hearts 🥰


Age group where these emojis are most popular in NZ:

Age group 18-24 (Gen Z)

  • Skull 💀

Age group 25-44 (Millennials)

  • Eyes 👀
  • OK 👌

Age group 45-65+ (Gen X & Baby boomers)

  • Ambulance 🚑
  • Clown Face 🤡
  • Upside-Down Face 🙃
  • Fairy 🧚

Stoked that the laughing face is still cool because it lives rent-free in my most recents.

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