According to researchers, you only need this for a healthy relationship

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Sunday, 17 September 2017, 7:15AM
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After you and your significant other have been together for a decent period of time, the 'honeymoon' phase will wear off, and little arguments and niggles will start making their my into your lives.

But thankfully, according to this research it something that is easily remedied.

A team at the University of Texas claim that close friends and family can easily cure bickering stress.

They tested the theory on around 100 newly-weds and measured the level of cortisol (the hormone related to stress levels) throughout their lives.

They found that couples with a few friends and family members around them had lower levels of stress compared to those without.

It didn't matter if it was only a couple of friends, the quality of those relationships was what mattered.

"Spouses who reported being more satisfied with the availability of friends and family, whom they knew they could connect with during times of marital conflict, experienced conflict as less physiologically stressful."

"We found that having a satisfying social network buffers spouses from the harmful physiological effects of everyday marital conflicts. Maintaining a few good friends is important to weathering the storms of your marriage."

So there you have it, just make sure that you hold on to those closest around you even if you are blinded by love at first sight.