A new Kiwi lockdown-themed game exists and we need to play it!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 16 February 2021, 3:53PM

New drinking game, anyone??

Move over Cards Against Humanity, because there is a new game in town made especially for us Kiwis!

Kiwis Versus Morality has a new COVID-19 expansion pack featuring heaps of hilarious new cards about our lockdown faves like Daddy Bloomfield and Aunty Cindy.


"As riveting as the daily 1pm Briefing, but with more action than even the Tiger King himself could bring to the table.

The COVID-19 Expansion references to highs, the lows, and the outright ridiculous moments we experienced through lockdown.

Filled with ruthless references and local legends (like Aunty Cindy and heartthrob Daddy Bloomfield), this expansion is just what the doctor ordered."


Who's keen for a game or three?


You can get Kiwis Versus Morality and the COVID-19 expansion pack at GameKings.co.nz

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