5 easy ways to transform your gross flat into a happy home

Publish Date
Monday, 9 July 2018, 9:25AM

We spend a lot of time in our homes. Whether you're flatting, renting, living at home or are lucky enough to be a homeowner yourself (hahaha just kidding, of course, you're not), your living space should be somewhere you feel happy and relaxed. 

1. Clean Up

Outer order = Inner Calm. Clear out that junk drawer, swap out your clothes, and donate any CD's or DVDs (Seriously why do you need them? Get a streaming account ASAP).

We're not telling you to get rid of everything, but having less clutter will do wonders for your mental health, and if you donate your stuff then you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling inside!

Once you've done this, put on a podcast or some music and do a thorough clean of the house. 

2. Cushions + Blankets

Interior design is like fashion, It needs to be comfortable and layering is key. Blankets and cushions is a super easy way to make your home inviting and makes it look more put together. This applies to all chairs, couches, and beds. 

Don't be afraid to mix patterns or textures, but try to stick to your main colour scheme.

"But how am I supposed to get comfortable on a mountain of cushions?" Easy, keep a wire or woven basket next to your couch/bed to keep it all tidy when you have guests or need the space. It looks cute too! 

3. Art 

Everyone knows art can be expensive and hard to find, but when those walls are looking a little bare, a good thing to keep in mind is the power of the frame. 

If you have posters all over your room and are over the age of 18 - frame them, it makes all the difference.  

You could also use the internet to your advantage and support local artists by purchasing their work - if you have something particular in mind you can get something commissioned. Or if you're crafty yourself, get a canvas and go wild! 

4. Exposed Tableware/Utensils + Ingredients

A lot of people think that tableware belongs hidden away in cupboards, but why? If you have the space for it, there's nothing wrong with displaying your chopping boards, Utensils, and general tableware right on the bench top. 

The same goes for ingredients like sugar, flour, or herbs, it's easily accessible and shows that you love to create (even if you don't).

5. Plants / Flowers


It is a straight up FACT that nature has positive impacts on your mental health. The difference on leafy green pot plant will make to your space will amaze you. 

Okay, we know what you're thinking, "I'm going to kill that plant in a matter of days." Think positive - but mainly pick a low maintenance plant.

Cacti and succulents are super in at the moment and can be picked up at your local farmer's markets as well as fresh flowers. 

Other leafy greens like Snake Plants and Pothos are also super stylish and easy to care for, plus if you're living in a damp flat, they basically water themselves!