10 thoughts we had while riding the new Lime scooters

Publish Date
Thursday, 18 October 2018, 1:39PM

These black and green scooters have infested Auckland and Christchurch, so ZM web gals Trin and Carwen gave them a go...

These are the 10 thoughts we had while on our ride!

"I'm totally saving the planet right now- go me!"

"How can I Instagram this and not get hit by a car?"

"This would be so fun after a few wines with the girls"

"...actually maybe that's a bad idea"

"My street cred is out the gate right now"

"People need to get out of my way so I can zooooooooooooooom"

"She was a scooter girl, she said c yah l8r giiiiirl"

"Maybe I could use this instead of driving to work"

"This totally counts as exercise, right...?"

We had a lot of fun, and these could be perfect for those times you're a little too lazy to walk up the hill on the way to work!

You can find out all about the Lime electric scooters here!