Julian Dennison on why it's hard to act with Ryan Reynolds

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Monday, 14 May 2018, 2:28PM

It's no secret that 15-yr-old Kiwi actor Julian Dennison is going places. He's just recently finished filming Deadpool 2 alongside the legendary Ryan Reynolds, revealing that Ryan actually wrote Julian's part with the Kiwi kid in mind!


But Julian admitted to Cam and Georgia, it's hard to act with the Hollywood superstar sometimes, because he's too funny.

'You can't really like act with Ryan, he's so funny you know? You can't be funny around him if he's that funny!'

Julian also explained that working alongside actors such as Ryan Reynolds, Zazie Beats and Josh Brolin can be "intimidating".

'It was really intimidating working with these actors who have been in the industry so much longer than me,' Julian admitted, prefaced with compliments about Brolin being 'funny' and 'caring'. 

Julian also shared the advice Ryan Reynolds gave him as a young actor - 'stay true to yourself'.

But the burning question we had, was whether Julian managed to keep his part a secret when he found out he'd landed it! Turns out he didn't.

"I didn't [keep it a secret]. I told like all my family, I told all my cousins, all my friends, people I could trust. Turns out I couldn't trust them 'cause they told lots of people!'

Fair enough Julian, we wouldn't have been able to keep that a secret either.

Deadpool 2 is in cinemas May 16.


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