Cam Mansel catches up with Conan Gray on his first visit to NZ!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 23 November 2022, 12:27AM

Cam from ZM's Late Show caught up with Conan Gray ahead of his first-ever show in Aotearoa!

After it being the #1 location to visit on his bucketlist, Conan finally made it to NZ. He took a trip out to Piha beach and saw black sand for the first time, and now understands where Lorde draws her inspiration from to write her music.

Not only that, he loved it so much that he may just write a song about it!

Cam caught up with him before his show at Auckland's Spark Arena. The pair discussed his new obsession with Piha Beach, his album Superache, the Corn Song, fashion, touring, and more.

 Cam also got Conan to play a round of 'Hot Or Not' to find out Conan's POV on all the most important topics such as... Crocs, PDA, mullets, and more!

 Check out the full interview above!

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Cam caught up with FLETCHER ahead of her sold-out show in Auckland to chat about her new album 'Girl Of My Dreams', her song 'For Cari', and more.



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