Cam Announces He's Leaving ZM after 13 Incredible Years

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Monday, 4 March 2024, 7:20PM

After 13 years with NZME, and 7 as ZM's Night Show Host, Cam Mansel is hanging up his headphones

Cam has announced that he is finishing up on the ZM Late Show after an incredible 13 years at iHeartRadio and ZM.

"I'm actually finishing up on the ZM Late Show this Friday", Cam announced on his show tonight, saying "I feel like for me this is the's time to hang up the headphones". 

Cam revealed that the decision is "probably the trickiest decision I've ever had to make." 

His message for the listeners is, "I want to thank anybody who has ever listened to this show, whether you've listened for five minutes, or you've been listening for years. Without you listening, I wouldn't be able to sit in this chair, behind this microphone and talk schmack about music every single night."

Cam’s biggest passion has always been sharing new music from upcoming and undiscovered artists from Aotearoa and around the world - "I feel like there's a universal language that is music, it helps you understand your deepest feelings when you don't know how to put those feelings into words. It also makes you feel a lot less lonely, to me music is everything." 

"Thank you so much for allowing me to do my dream and to do my dream for so long as well, getting to interact with you guys, It's just been so much fun."

From starting out as a Black Thunder at the age of 19 to doing the night show for 7 years, Cam has been a key part of the ZM whānau over the years and we're going to miss his impeccable smile, kindness, and banter around the office.

Cam will be continuing his mahi in music, heading to Play it Strange, a charitable trust dedicated to running songwriting programmes and competitions highschools where he'll be "continuing to help young kiwis share their music, which for me is another dream job."

 Talking about who will step into the role next Cam Says, "I am super excited for whoever is stepping into this role as it's genuinely so much fun, and I know you're going to love listening to the next person who does start."

Tune in all this week for Cam's final shows, "I'm still here until Friday. We're going to have heaps of fun. We're going to play lots of tunes this week, Let the good times roll."


 Stay in touch with Cam on Insty.

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