Our girl Georgia opens up about her cancer diagnosis as she takes time off to recover from surgery

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Thursday, 30 June 2022, 11:50AM

Georgia made an announcement on-air this week about her cancer diagnosis and surgery date.

Recently our Jam-Packed Workday host Georgia was diagnosed with a type of cancer called Myxoid Liposarcoma, after she found a lump on her thigh. She opened up about it on-air this week ahead of her surgery date where she will be taking a few weeks off.

Georgia's also just finished up 5 weeks of radiation and has her surgery this week to remove the lump.

In an Instagram post she wrote, "Bloody life is forever a mystery. Ya never know what it’s gonna throw at ya and how you’ll react... On April 13th I found out I have a type of cancer called Myxoid Liposarcoma, found from a lump on my thigh.

Tomorrow will be my last day of radiation, which will wrap up my 25 treatments (5 days a week for 5 weeks). From here, I have surgery in a couple of weeks to remove the lump and then the recovery begins. There’s still a journey ahead but I have been incredibly lucky with the professionals who have looked after me throughout!"

 She continued, "I first felt this lump start of Feb and I honestly just thought it was a muscle knot or fluid build-up. Best not to have the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude with lumps, and just get them checked!

Although I’ve been faced with some of the hardest days, I’ve tried to be strong and stay my positive self. One thing I’ve learnt, is that I seriously have the best people in all areas of my life and I’m so grateful for that. The love and support has meant more than you’ll ever know. Thank you."

G has been nothing but a constant ray of sunshine throughout this whole journey on and off-air and is one of the strongest and inspiring wahine we know. She’s gonna kick this cancer in the a$$ and we’re wishing her a speedy recovery and all the love and support in the world.

Listen to her talk about her journey above - she will be back in a few weeks once she's recovered and ready! 💛

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