Georgia chats to a Swiftie about her VIRAL Eras Tour Outfits

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Thursday, 1 February 2024, 4:56PM

  Like many of us, Georgia's TikTok algorithm has been taken over by Swiftie content (not that anyone is complaining) and she's come across the most stunning, one of a kind jacket made by @NatalieC

She's made outfits for herself (talented queen) and for her sister in law she decorated a blazer filled with Easter Eggs and little references 💎

Natalie says "Taylor's lyrics have helped me feel through and regulate a lot of hardships in my life, so an outfit wouldn't be complete without adding in all my favs - yes there's a lot!"

You're not gonna believe your eyes when you check out her TikTok page

@natcross87 Shes here!!!!!!! The final reveal!!!! Second outfit complete - this one is for my sister in law to wear as we both wanted unique, one of a kind outfits. I had soooo much fun making my play suit i wanted to make another costume and here is the result. Taylors lyrics have helped me feel through and regulate a lot of harships in my life so an outfit wouldnt be complete without adding in all of my favs - and yes there is a lot! Tag @Taylor Swift if you think she needs to see this one as i would love to show her and @Taylor Nation if you think its 22 hat worthy cause my god i want it sooo bad See you soon #swifties!!!! #sydneyerastour #erastouroutfit #diyerastouroutfit #erastourtaylorswift #taylorswift #erastour #taylorsversion ♬ Taylor Swift megamix lyrics and song titles part 7 - Silvy | Taylor Nederland


  There's only a couple more weeks until the concert of the CENTURY

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