Who is our new girl Bree?

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Monday, 18 June 2018, 4:23PM

Starting July 2nd, Bree and Clint will be unleashed on ZM, taking over the airwaves to get you home.

But who exactly is Bree?

To sum it up, she's an Aussie export (but a good one, we promise!) who grew up on an apple farm in Queensland. 

So that you can get a vibe for this hilarious chicka, we've got 5 fun facts about Bree:

#1 - She's only been in New Zealand for 6 months, but she's already accidentally let one rip whilst sitting a couple of rows back on a plane behind PM Jacinda Ardern.

#2 - Channing Tatum follows her on Instagram - like LEGIT does! Full story here if you don't believe us...

#3 - She can fit 39 grapes in my mouth and squash a watermelon between her thighs... fruity.

#4 - A funny video that she put on Facebook has over 7 million views... no biggie. 

#5 - She owns a pair of nunchucks... does she know how to use them.. negative. Follow Bree here.

Follow all of Bree's socials here:

Facebook: Bree Tomasel l Bree & Clint
Instagram: @breetomasel l @breeandclint

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