WATCH: The Bisexualor's second dates with her final four

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018, 2:05PM

Bree and Clint are on a quest to help someone find LOVE!

Annelise is 23, bisexual, a University student and looking for love.

After speed dating the six singles Bree & Clint selected for her, she's now chosen four to go on a second date. 

This week Annelise will be going on adventure/action based dates with Jade, Tom, Baily and Willie.

Watch how Willie's date went:

Thanks to Clip n' Climb Dominion Road!

See how Bailey's date went:

Thanks to Auckland Jet Boat Tours!

Here's what happened on her date with Tom:

Thanks to Skyscreamer Auckland!

Watch Annelise's date with Jade:


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