NZ attraction rated one of the most boring in the world

Publish Date
Friday, 19 April 2024, 3:16PM

Someone has used Google reviews to find the world's top 100 most boring tourist attractions & one NZ attraction has made the list. 

How. Dare. They. 

The study analysed 66 million Google reviews on 3,500 tourist attractions across 384 cities around the world. 

DW it's not Wanaka's Puzzle World.

Apparently, the 54th most boring attraction in the world is MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology). 

MOTAT is a cool vibe and all the old-school technology you could want. PLUS catch the tram to MOTAT 2 and see the planes. Epic.

Someone texted in support of MOTAT straight away, "This is horseshit, MOTAT is f**king awesome. There's always something different to do and they have themed days. they even have a wild r18 night where they do the history of sex toys."

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