Missed Bree & Clint's show with Jase and PJ?

Publish Date
Monday, 2 July 2018, 4:05PM

Bree and Clint just did their very first show on ZM, and our mates Jase and PJ kindly agreed to help them out!

Here are some of our fave highlights:

BIRTHDAY BANGER - Within minutes, Bree & Clint's brand new game managed to mock Jase's age:

INSTA FAME GAME - Another one of Bree & Clint's new games caught PJ cheating:

MEET MAMA DI - Bree's Mum Di will be the third (and most important) member of the show, but she's not happy with the pay:

NO-PANTS BREE - For some reason Bree decided un-doing her pants was socially appropriate:

SORRY ROSS BOSS - we also managed to f*** the boss off on our first ever break:

High-5 to a great first show! ...or not.


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