Channing Tatum slipped into Bree's DMs - here's the proof!

Bree joined our ZM team at the start of the year, making up one half of our drive show: Bree & Clint. 

She hails from Aussie, but don't worry she's a good sort - she makes really funny videos, which she posts on her Facebook.

And these funny videos are watched and appreciated by a MASSIVE celeb... CHANNING TATUM. 

He liked Bree's videos so much that he FOLLOWED HER ON INSTAGRAM. 

Yeah, we know, we didn't believe her either, but she's got the receipts!

This is Channing Tatum's 'following' list on Instagram and right there is Bree:

But it doesn't stop there... Bree decided to message Channing, thanking him for the follow AND HE REPLIED WITH THIS AMAZING RESPONSE: 

Bree told FVM the story and revealed her future plans for herself and Channing:


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