Bree challenges MP Paula Bennett to a fight

Publish Date
Thursday, 13 June 2019, 10:56AM

Bree is calling out MP Paula Bennett, challenging her to a fight.

After Justin Bieber bizarrely challenged Tom Cruise to a fight on Twitter earlier this week, Bree took it upon herself to put down her own challenge.

Speaking about Bieber's fight challenge on air, Bree joked: "I had literally just written the identical tweet to Paula Bennett".

"Remember how that's on my bucket list? To fight Paula Bennett in the Octagon? I'm calling her out - Paula Bennett, if you're listening, let's fight."

When Clint asked her why, Bree jokingly answered; "Maybe jealousy? She is looking trim - she's looking great. Does she wanna put the new rig to the test?

"Paula, if you're listening, we could raise some money for mental health I'd love to get on board, come on. I'm being serious. I will fight Paula Bennett in the Octagon for a charity. I'm keen."

Sure enough, she followed through by sending out the tweet, copying Bieber's challenge to Tom Cruise word for word, but calling for Kiwi heavyweight boxing star Joseph Parker to pitch in with the effort.

Paula Bennett is yet to respond but watch this space! Bree is ready and there's always The Octagon in Dunedin.