Bree and Channing Tatum finally MEET for the very first time!

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Monday, 21 March 2022, 5:15PM

After 3 years in the making, a follow on Instagram, a DM exchange, and a trip to Los Angeles, finally... Bree meets Channing Tatum!

Yup, he recognised Bree straight away - even with a blindfold on! You know their friendship is real when Channing asked how Mumma Di was doing. And yup, she even hit him up about that one time he left her on READ...

Watch their full chat above.


Haven't heard the full backstory? Catch up below!

Bree has a very special relationship history with Channing (yes, the super-hot, super-famous Channing Tatum), including them following each other on Instagram, and the last piece of the puzzle is for them to finally meet!

 He LOVES Bree so much that he has even talked about her during a red carpet interview. On top of that, they even slid into each other's DMs and exchanged some messages.

Back in 2019, Bree & Clint decided to fly all the way to LA to attempt to meet him for a segment they called 'Chasing Tatum'. However, once they arrived, they sadly found out he wasn’t even in the country! 

Check out the video from that trip here.

Fast forward a few years and it FINALLY happened! Clint decided to blindfold Bree as a surprise, and let's just say what happened next is WILD... check out the full video above!


Want more? Channing now knows about the time Bree & Clint flew all the way to Los Angeles to try and find him#ChasingTatum. Watch the video below from that wild trip...

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