VIDEO: The emotional moment ZM's $50,000 Secret Sound was won

Publish Date
Tuesday, 7 March 2017, 6:07PM

Finally after 6 weeks of trying, ZM's $50,000 Secret Sound has finally been revealed.

Aimee Balle called Jase & PJ and correctly chose that the Ashtray in a car being pulled in and out, was what Soundkeeper Gary used to make the Secret Sound, winning the entire $50,000 jackpot.

After nearly giving up on trying, Aimee tried one more time. Little did she know she'd be our lucky $50,000 Secret Sound winner!!

You can watch the emotional video here: 

But did it match the clues? Let's take a look...

1. You'll likely see it once a week, if you care to take a peek.

A. It's safe to say you probably wouldn't take notice of an ashtray often nowadays, maybe a glance a week.

2. Another clue to get ahead, most people have one in New Zealand

A. Up until the late 90's this was a very common feature in cars. Less so later on but still quite common on request. 

3. Ponder this before you sleep, you'll need some cash they don't come cheap

A. Can't have this without a car and they're pretty expensive!

4. So far you must be quite confused, by kids this thing is rarely used

A. Kids wouldn't ever need it unless you're putting candy or bubble gum in there.

5. Find the answer if you can, it's not a tool for a handyman

A. Definitely not

6. Whilst not on TV programs, you'll find it close to 'Friday Jams'

A. Friday Jams plays on the radio and it's pretty close to the radio in your car

7. Location: Cairns

A. Cairns is indeed an anagram for 'In Cars' yes, Location Cairns is an anagram for 'Coin Slot in a car' which many people use this for.

8. Enjoy the spa! Sit up, don't lie, The Secret Sound stays mostly dry

A. Unless you spill coffee on it or some rain comes in, it won't be wet very often.

9. The Secret Sound is not found in the backyard

A. True

10. The thing that makes the Secret Sound has multiple uses. It's not located in the office.

A. It can hold a multitude of things! and it certainly isn't in the office.

11. It's time to open your eyes and ears, the Secret Sound's been around for years

A. These have commonly been in cars since as early as the 1930's

12. Listen up, here's the word. If it's broken you probably won't fix it. But press on and you'll find the answer

A. Word + Press = Wordpress, and if you looked closely you would have seen the hint of a webpage

13. It's not in the kitchen, never has been.

A. Correct

14. Livestream reveal: The Garage  

A. The car was in the garage at the time was it not? I think so!