Stand up to violence and join the vigil for Grace Millane

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Monday, 10 December 2018, 4:43PM

This post discusses violence. If you need help or access to 24/7 counselling you can contact Are You OK? on 0800 456 450. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger please call 111. 

It's been a shocking and disturbing week for New Zealanders as the missing-person case of 22-year-old British tourist Grace Millane has unravelled. 

Grace was reported missing early last week by her family as her constant social media contact ceased. 

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Following days of investigation and searching, the distressing moment came when the search for Grace became a homicide investigation. She was allegedly murdered at the hands of a man she reportedly met via a dating app.

Every woman should be able to travel the world alone and meet whoever they choose, without the fear of violence or death at the hands of another.

To stand up against this travesty and to honour the beautiful life of Grace, a vigil has been organised, offering New Zealanders the opportunity to stand together and take a moment to say Time’s Up on the violence, intimidation and the senseless waste of beautiful lives all around the world.

“Our thoughts go out to the Millane family whose grief will be unimaginable,” says Rob McCann White Ribbon Manager. "So many New Zealanders have been horrified as this story has unfolded. This is a time to stand together, share that pain and show our compassion for Grace and her family."

Supported by White Ribbon, manager Rob McCann says we need to be more than just horrified, we need to act.  

"While this story has touched all of us. The wider story often goes untold. As a country we need to wake up and recognise that that as many as 14 women are killed in domestic violence each year.

"Many more pass through our hospitals with serious injuries. Police instigate over 3,500 family violence incidents every year. That amounts to 41% of a front line officer's time”

Sky City will be lighting up the Sky Tower in white from Monday night through to Wednesday night as a symbol of support and love to Grace’s family and all those who have lost loved ones to violence.

Vigil for Grace.
6pm, Wednesday 12 December, St Patricks Square, Auckland City
Supported by White Ribbon with thanks to SkyCity and Auckland Council.