Squiggles have released three new flavours!

Publish Date
Monday, 3 July 2017, 10:18AM

Ohh yes we LOVE new flavours, especially when it comes to Squiggles!

Griffin's have released 3 new variations of their beloved Squiggles biscuit. 

Two of the flavours are under their new 'Xtreme' range which are bigger and more Xtreme flavours; Banana Blast and Chocolate Overload!

The third new flavour sounds just as good as the Xtreme; Strawberry Fizz

The ZM office have taste tested the new flavours and they get the tick of approval, with promo's gal Klaudia saying that the Chocolate Overload flavour is "really is a chocolate overload! So much happening all at once – loving the gooey caramel!"

 All three new flavours are available in store from today!