This Girl Tricked Thousands of Followers On Her Instagram...It Wasn't All As It Seemed

This girl's pics seem like that standard for popular girls on Insta - half-naked pics, yummy food and drinks, selfies and inspirational quotes. Amalia Ulman's Instagram had it all. 

But it's not all as it seems. Amalia is an artist and all of the images were created as part of what is now set to become the first ever Instagram series of art to make a controversial museum debut at London's Tate Modern.

She began documenting her attempts to make it as an 'It Girl' in Los Angeles through a series of bedroom shots of her wearing lingerie and showing off a boob job. The sultry snaps helped her amass over 50,000 followers.

And then as quickly as it began, it ended. She revealed it was all part of an art performance. Basically, she was playing a role and acting out the life of a young woman who moves to LA from a small town to try and hit the big time.

She told the Telegraph: "Everything was scripted. I spent a month researching the whole thing. There was a beginning, a climax and an end. I dyed my hair. I changed my wardrobe. I was acting: it wasn't me."

"It was more than a satire. I wanted to prove that femininity is a construction, and not something biological or inherent to any woman. Women understood the performance much faster than men.

"They were like, 'We get it and its very funny.' The joke was admitting how much work goes into being a woman and how being a woman is not a natural thing. It's something you learn."