This Girl Reckons She's Got the World's Longest Tongue

18-year-old Adrianne Lewis reckons she's got the world's longest tongue - measuring a whopping 10.16cm.

She can touch her nose, her chin, her elbow … SHE CAN EVEN TOUCH HER EYE with the appendage.

Photos of Lewis's tongue have gone viral online, and she's waiting to see if she can make the Guiness World Records.

“I feel as though I may have inherited it but I think with time and me sticking out my tongue a lot as a kid could have stretched it,” Adrianne told

“My mum, grandmother and my great grandfather all had very long tongues.

“In elementary school I was made fun of a lot — I would just flick my tongue in bullies’ faces and freak them out.”

Lewis also has a YouTube channel, where she showcases all her tongue tricks.

“People started viewing after I made my first video, and I already had 250 views the first day,

“I started making more videos and it was basically about my tongue — I have 814 subscribers on my channel now."